The Retreat

We have been so blessed to host the Set Apart Motherhood Retreat - in Windsor, CO and via simulcast around the world - for the past two years! Each retreat has been an amazing time of applying powerful Scriptural truth to the everyday challenges of Motherhood! Here’s what some moms have shared about their experiences during this life-changing weekend:


“This weekend has given me such a refreshing, new perspective of my life and calling as a mom! I have definitely fallen into the lies and traps that this culture so often portrays as truth. It’s been amazing to learn that there is something more, a better way that truly honors God and fulfills my life more than I could have hoped or imagined.”

—VALERIE B., mother of three

“I came expecting to learn more about being a godly mom. Instead, I feel as though I’ve spent the last 24 hours being saturated in life-changing and soul-healing truths. This conference has not only inspired me to allow Jesus to love and transform my children through me, but to keep my eyes on the one true reason for living. Thank you for allowing God to bless my aching heart.”

—ALLI D., mother of two

“Leslie has a unique way of encouraging women in all walks of life that God has them in to walk in His truth. For me this weekend was a time to be refreshed and renewed as a busy mom. I feel thankful for this ministry to keep us mothers on our knees for the hearts of our children.”

—APRIL D., mother of eleven

“The Lord has increased my faith and renewed my spiritual strength. Each session has encouraged my heart and given me fresh perspective to place - and keep - Christ the central focus of my mothering.”

—KRISTEN L., mother of three


. . .

Due to the limited time of our staff and Leslie’s busy schedule as a writer, speaker, and mother of six, we have decided not to host the Set Apart Motherhood Retreat this year. If you are interested in attending the future, be sure to join our e-mail list and we’ll let you know if and when we re-launch this event!