An Orderly Home

What God Calls Us To, He Equips Us For
An Inside Peek Into The Ludy Home

by Leslie Ludy

Our family has gone through a huge change over the past three months. After an arduous twenty-nine month journey, our Haitian toddlers (Rees and Lily) finally came home in October! Along with the joy, delight, and celebration that has come with having our new children home has also come tremendous new challenges. Suddenly having two toddlers at home has been a bit jarring, to say the least!


Armed for the Battle
Wrestling for Our Children’s Souls

by Leslie Ludy

Armed For The Battle: Hudson Taylor—one of the most world-changing missionaries in history—wasn't always passionate about God. In fact, at one point in his life, he was a floundering, wayward teen with no real interest in spiritual things. His mother—a devoted Christian—was greatly burdened for the state of his soul. As the years went by ...


How Prayer Strengthens Marriage
Becoming United for the Battle

by Leslie Ludy

How Prayer Strengthens MarriageI’ll never forget the day when Eric and I really began to pray together, as a strong, unified, passionate team, wrestling together for God’s purposes to be realized. We’d been married for several years. We’d been in full-time ministry since...