Discipling Kids

Creative Conversations
Discussions that Help You Go Deeper with Your Kids

by Leslie Ludy

Creative Conversations: In my article on Purposeful Watchfulness I shared about a documentary that told the story of over one hundred teens being treated by the health department for a wide-spread outbreak of a serious sexually transmitted disease, because dozens of them. . .

MarriageDiscipling Kids

Teaching True Love
Guarding Their Innocence, Preparing Them for Purity

by Leslie Ludy

Teaching True Love: I once heard the parents of a young child declare, “We are not going to let our son find out anything about sex until he’s ready to get married!” Somehow, this well-meaning couple believed that if they kept their son naive of certain things until he was in his twenties or thirties, it would...

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Purposeful Watchfulness
Guarding Against Enemy Attacks

by Leslie Ludy

Purposeful Watchfulness: Several years ago, I visited a pumpkin farm with my children in the fall. As my children were participating in one of the activities, another mom treated my son Hudson quite rudely, loudly accusing him of cutting in front of her child (which he didn’t . . .