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Great Expectations
Trading Cultural Norms For Heavenly Patterns

by Leslie Ludy

Great Expectations:When I was in sixth grade, I attended a large, cutting-edge public school. One of the required classes that year was called “Preparing for the Teen Years” and included lessons on self-esteem, sexuality, and social issues. Up until then, it...

Discipling Kids

Teaching Your Kids to Share the Gospel
Bonus Devotional

by Leslie Ludy

It started at a bagel shop. Eric and the kids were eating dinner and waiting for me to return from an appointment. They decided to look around the shop for someone who might need to hear the Gospel. After chatting with the two people working behind the bagel counter, and learning that their names were “Blake” and “Alyssa,” the Ludy kiddos came up with a plan.

Family TimeDiscipling Kids

The Joy of Giving
Serving Others as a Family

by Leslie Ludy

The Joy of Giving: I will never forget the day when Hudson, at age three, learned what an orphan was. A close family friend had just returned from a trip to Haiti where she had visited an orphanage and taken heartbreaking photos of children in desperate . . .

Sacrificial LoveOvercoming Chaos

Secrets to Motherhood Joy
Saying Goodbye To Self-Pity

by Leslie Ludy

Secrets to Motherhood Joy: Eric's grandmother, who died before he was born, had an incredible secret for maintaining a joyful attitude as a young wife and mother. Whenever she was feeling down because of various challenging circumstances in her life, she made . . .