Overcoming Chaos

Exchanging Chaos for Strength
Letting Motherhood Challenges Make You Strong

by Leslie Ludy

Exchanging Chaos for Strength What’s the one word that best describes motherhood today? For most moms, the first word that comes to mind is chaos. I’ve spoken with dozens of moms who have used this description to sum up the entirety of their motherhood experience—especially. . .

Family TimeAn Orderly Home

Creative Homemaking
Simple Ways to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

by Leslie Ludy

Creative Homemaking: For many of my early growing up years, our family lived in a small industrial town in Indiana. When I went back to visit the town years later as an adult, I was struck by how dreary and bleak it was. The weather was grey much of the time and the town was surrounded by ugly factories and hazy smog...

Sacrificial LoveAn Orderly Home

Joyful Homemaking
A Heavenly Perspective On Daily Tasks

by Leslie Ludy

Joyful Homemaking: My son Hudson loves to host elaborate birthday parties. Last year, he chose a Lego theme. Somehow he got the idea of making Lego mini-figure costumes that all his party guests could wear. A bit intimidated, I scoured the internet . . .