God's glory

Quiet Time

Becoming a Christ-Confident Mother
Looking To The Right Source For Our Identity

by Leslie Ludy

Becoming A Christ-Confident MotherWhen I was growing up, my mom was considered by most standards to be a health nut. My friends’ lunch boxes contained white bread sandwiches, greasy potato chips, and Little Debbie cupcakes, while mine was filled with whole wheat bread, carrot sticks, and sugar-free granola bars. In our house, eating “sugar cereal” like Fruit Loops or Captain Crunch for breakfast was akin to...

Sacrificial Love

Excellence VS. Perfectionism
The Freedom of Embracing God’s Pattern

by Leslie Ludy

Excellence VS. Perfectionism Exercising early in the morning isn’t one of my favorite things to do. I’m not one of those people who leaves her running shoes right by the bed and energetically pops awake as soon as the alarm sounds the first “beep,” charging out into the frosty morning air for a five-mile run. But, just like. . .