Putting Marriage First
Honoring God's Order Pattern for Family

by Leslie Ludy

Photos by Hannah Elise PhotographyWhen I was pregnant with our first child, Eric and I attended a childbirth education class—an experience I definitely would not want to repeat.

Sacrificial Love

Preparing Our Kids For Real Christianity
Dreaming God’s Dreams For Our Children

by Leslie Ludy

Preparing our Kids for Real Christianity Not long ago, Hudson felt God speak to him about his future. He learned about the many needs in the country of Cambodia and feels called to be a missionary there someday. Already, he’s begun to prepare to live overseas, even though he’s only nine...


Great Expectations
Trading Cultural Norms For Heavenly Patterns

by Leslie Ludy

Great Expectations:When I was in sixth grade, I attended a large, cutting-edge public school. One of the required classes that year was called “Preparing for the Teen Years” and included lessons on self-esteem, sexuality, and social issues. Up until then, it...

Sacrificial LoveDiscipling Kids

Creative Discipleship
Embracing The Mission Field Of Family

by Leslie Ludy

Creative Discipleship Several years ago, Eric and I sat across the table from a middle-aged missionary couple and listened to the heartbreaking story of their family. Before they met, both of them had committed their lives to serving God and sharing the Gospel...

Discipling Kids

Purposeful Discipleship
Reaching The Souls Of My Children

by Leslie Ludy

Purposeful Discipleship: Eric and I have been in ministry for about twenty years now. A good part of those twenty years have been spent discipling young adults and training them how to be grounded in the Word of God and firmly planted in the gospel. We have worked with . . .