Time Management

The Power of Personal Discipline
Healthy Habits That Lead To Thriving Families

by Leslie Ludy

The Power of Personal Discipline: I know, I know. The subject of personal discipline—to most of us—sounds about as exciting as a scientific discussion on the history of dust. The word discipline conjures up images of legalism and lists of rules and regulations. Most of us have observed mothers who run their homes like . . .

Sacrificial LoveDiscipling Kids

A Christ-Centered Day
Creative, Simple Ways to Keep Jesus Central

by Leslie Ludy

A Christ-Centered Day: Over breakfast or while we are driving to school or other actives, we will often take some time to pray for Christians around the world. When our kids learn of a specific Christian who is being persecuted for his or her faith...


The Significance of Unity
Modeling a Healthy Marriage to Your Kids

by Leslie Ludy

A few months ago, my eight-year-old daughter, Harper, drew a picture as a special gift for Eric and me. It was a sweet, childlike, and quite hilarious illustration of Eric giving me a kiss. When I asked her what motivated her to draw that particular picture, she answered rather wistfully, “Because I never see you and Daddy kiss each other anymore.” The comment surprised me.