Christ-Centered Mothering - C1 - What God Calls Us To, He Equips Us For

What God Calls Us To, He Equips Us For

Candid: An Inside Peek Into The Ludy Home

by Leslie Ludy

Our family has gone through a huge change over the past three months. After an arduous twenty-nine month journey, our Haitian toddlers (Rees and Lily) finally came home in October! Along with the joy, delight, and celebration that has come with having our new children home has also come tremendous new challenges. Suddenly having two toddlers at home has been a bit jarring, to say the least!

Case in point. A few nights after Rees and Lily arrived, I was putting all six children to bed by myself while Eric was in a conference call. I felt good about how smoothly everything was going and how quickly Rees and Lily settled down. But twenty minutes later, as I was beginning to prepare the older children for bed, I heard a suspicious rustling noise coming from the toddlers’ room. I poked my head in the door and found them out of their beds, running around the room and making a mess. Upon closer examination, I saw that their faces were completely chalk-white. They looked like little mimes with huge black raccoon eyes staring at me in shock and dismay. Somehow they had managed to find a tube of diaper cream, open it, and smear it all over their faces like war paint. As I tried in vain to scrub the thick white substance from their faces, the other children were left unsupervised and decided to take the opportunity to run wildly around the basement. Over the next thirty minutes, my five-year-old had an accident on the carpet, the dog left a little “gift” in Hudson’s room on the floor, my seven and nine-year-old had two squabbles, and my six-year-old’s Lego collection exploded all over his bed. By the time I got everyone cleaned up, calmed down, and properly lectured, I was literally sweating and exhausted. It was a bumpy introduction into my new journey of mothering six!

Being a good mom to four children was difficult; being a good mom to six often feels impossible. These days, if I feel like I am excelling in one area of motherhood, I usually feel like I’m falling short in two or three others. As a mother of six, keeping all of my little people expertly fed, dressed, bathed, organized, nurtured, trained, and disciplined is beyond my human ability. That’s why I’m so thankful that I’m not called to be an excellent mother in my own strength. Christ alone can equip me with the grace, patience, wisdom, and creativity I need to glorify Him in every area of my mothering. That doesn’t mean I will be perfect. Rather, it means I must become dependent upon the only One who is.

I’d like to share a video blurb from our 2014 Set Apart Motherhood conference about choosing Christ-centered mothering over perfectionism. This message captures quite well what I have been walking through over the past three months, and serves as a wonderful reminder that what God calls us to, He equips us for! No matter what kind of motherhood challenges you may be facing, I hope you will be blessed and encouraged by these important truths from God’s Word!