Marriage and Motherhood - C1 - Teaching Your Kids to Share the Gospel

Teaching Your Kids to Share the Gospel

Candid: Bonus Devotional

by Leslie Ludy

It started at a bagel shop. Eric and the kids were eating dinner and waiting for me to return from an appointment. They decided to look around the shop for someone who might need to hear the Gospel. After chatting with the two people working behind the bagel counter, and learning that their names were “Blake” and “Alyssa,” the Ludy kiddos came up with a plan. They would write letters to the bagel shop workers and share the love of Christ with them. As soon as they finished with their food, Eric pulled out some pencils and paper, and the kids went to work. After a lot of contemplation, and asking God to show them what to write, Harper penned the following:

“Dear Alyssa,

I hope you are ok? Do you know Jesus? I have lots to tell you! Did you know God died for your sins? God loves you very much! Love Harper (age 8)”

Hudson’s letter said:

“Dear Blake,

My name is Hudson. I am 10 years old. I am in the 5th grade. Did you know Jesus died for you? He was on earth for about 50 years about 2,000 years ago, He is the Son of God (the Creator of everything). He loves you, He died and rose again because He has the power to rise again, so He rose and later He went back to be with His Father. He died for our sins, and sins are all bad deeds. If you will give your life to Him, He will train you to be a strong leader and go share this message.”

With Daddy’s help, they delivered their special notes to Blake and Alyssa, and left the store. The bagel shop is over an hour away from where we live, so we haven’t been able to return to see what kind of impact was made. But since that night, our family has been praying that God would use the children’s special letters to draw Blake and Alyssa to Himself.

This outreach experience at the bagel shop has prompted many more Gospel-sharing moments for the Ludy children. Every dinner out or family game time at a local coffee shop has become an opportunity for them to witness for Christ. We’ve realized that working with our kids to share the Gospel is like having a secret weapon. While Eric and I alone might have a harder time breaking through social barriers, it’s a different story when one of our kids reaches out to someone with genuine love and concern. When a little child shares the love of Christ, people stop and listen. Some people may not willingly take a piece of Christian literature from our hands when we offer it. But very few will refuse a handwritten special note from a little child!

Our kids are not evangelism experts. Often, they aren’t sure what to say or do when they are around the unsaved. But when they simply ask Christ to work through them to reach others with His love and Truth, they are realizing that amazing things happen. And as parents, Eric and I are learning that giving our children opportunities to be used by God is one of the very best gifts we can give them.

I hope you are encouraged by this video tidbit from our 2014 Set Apart Motherhood conference, about practical ways you can help your children begin to turn outward and share the love of Christ with others!