Marriage and Motherhood - C3 - Remembering What God Has Done

Remembering What God Has Done

Candid: Bonus Devotional

by Leslie Ludy

It’s been just over ONE YEAR since God brought Rees and Lily home from Haiti! Looking back, I am astounded at all that God has done in writing this story, and how amazingly faithful He has been. This adoption was very difficult - perhaps the most difficult experience of my life. There were so many times along the way when I simply wanted to give up and walk away from the whole situation. Often, God used the childlike faith of my kids to keep my gaze fixed upon Him, and to challenge me to trust Him even when all hope seemed lost.

I’d like to share a special video with you that beautifully describes the journey of faith that God took us on as a family during Rees and Lily’s adoption, and how He used the struggles, the waiting and all the ups and downs to deepen our trust in Him!

During struggles, we often that we think we are at the “end” of the story, when we are simply in the middle. (Remember Joseph when he was falsely accused and put into prison? God wasn’t done writing his story…) Every challenge, struggle, and uncertainty can be used to point us back to Jesus. Faith is not faith unless it is tested. Today, I encourage you to meditate upon God’s unchanging faithfulness and be remember that those who hope in Him will NOT be ashamed! (Psalm 25:3)