Christ-Centered Mothering - C2 - Keeping Christ Central

Keeping Christ Central

Candid: Bonus Devotional

by Leslie Ludy

A common mentality among moms today is “I can’t afford time in my schedule for prayer.” But the reality is this: ‘As Christian mothers, we can’t afford NOT to make time in our schedule for prayer.’ Prayer may not seem very practical when you have young children. But there is almost always a way to make time for prayer if we are truly committed to it.”

Even though I feel passionately about making prayer and time with God the foundation of my every day, I must admit there are seasons when this principle can seem next to impossible to apply. Take, for instance, the past few months. Raising four young children while being in full-time ministry has always been a challenge, but throwing two toddlers into the mix took the challenge to a whole new level. Suddenly the noise level in the house has increased exponentially and every moment of my day and night seems to be claimed with cleaning up messes, working through toddler meltdowns, breaking up sibling squabbles, preparing endless amounts of snack foods, and desperately trying to keep our family of eight organized in the midst of it all.

Though I am an energetic person, I have definitely felt the physical and emotional strain of this season, and it’s been time when it has seemed far less practical to incorporate prayer and quiet times into my daily life.

However, I know from experience that when I feel too busy to cultivate my relationship with Christ, I actually need time with Him more than ever. Only He can give me the grace, strength, and Heavenly perspective needed to navigate challenging seasons with triumph instead of defeat.

In this video blurb, from our 2014 Set Apart Motherhood conference I share about the importance of keeping our relationship with Christ central, even during busy seasons of motherhood, and offer some of the practical principles that have helped me make prayer a priority, even when it feels impractical. I hope you will be blessed and encouraged by these truths as you navigate the busy road of motherhood!