Marriage and Motherhood - C2 - A Merry Heart Does Good Like Medicine

A Merry Heart Does Good Like Medicine

Candid: Proverbs 17:22

by Leslie Ludy

If you are a mother of young children (or work with them regularly), you know that God has given us an amazing built-in laughter therapy to ease the stresses and challenges that come with the job! In our home, six-year-old Kipling (a.k.a. Dubber and Dubs) provides a great deal of “comic relief”, usually while completely oblivious to the fact that he is even being funny. Over the past couple of years, his teachers at school have collected what has becoming known as the “Dubber Chronicles”—hilarious things that Kip says or does that keeps everyone around him laughing.

I’d like to share a few highlights from the Dubber Chronicles with the hope that it will do your heart good like medicine. And as a fun bonus, I’ve also added a few funny tidbits from the rest of the Ludy kiddos, collected over the past year or so.


“Best of” Dubber Quotes:

We pray in the morning, right before dinner.

My "stragedy" for this game is really working!

Looks like this jar has ‘allergy’ growing in it!

Oh no, someone "evangelized" the side of that building!

I don’t believe in "revolution"—I believe God created the world!

Some animals like to "evaporate" for the winter!

Were they drinking arcorhol? Is that the stuff that makes you dumb? So like if the teacher asks you a question, you would get it wrong?

My lips are dry. I need some chopstick.

My tummy is sick. Can I have some sardine crackers?

I need some lotion cuz I have a mustache on my arm.

Can we go get some ice cream at the mop shot? (translation: malt shop!)

When I get big I’m gonna learn Karate and Kapowing!

(After I poked him in the belly button) Don’t push my belly button too many times or it will run out of battery!

Dub’s friend: I can build a pyramid out of Legos.

Dubs: I can too, even though I have no idea what a pyramid is.

Dub’s Teacher: What did you learn about Australia?
Dubs [very matter of factly]: Lots of things and about how there are kangaroos and wannabies.
Dub’s Teacher [desperately trying not to laugh]: Wannabies?
Dubs [still very matter of fact and serious]: Yeah, they're like little kangaroos. Probably they wanna be big ones so they're called wannabies.

Dubs: They’re guard snakes because they guard you from danger, like if a boa constrictor tried to get you, they would get in the way, right?
Dub’s Teacher: No, they are more like ‘garden’ snakes.
Dubs: Oh so like they guard your garden for you?

Workbook Question: Will you dump Mom’s dress in the sink?
Dubs: No way! I don’t even know where her clothes are! I am not allowed to get into her stuff! And I’m too busy!

Prov 15:1: A soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.
Dubs’s translation: A soft answer scares away rats.

Dub’s new take on the “three second rule”: You have to leave a cracker on the ground for twelve seconds, and then it’s okay to eat it.

A conversation with Avy, his younger sister:

Dubs: Avy, what did you and your friend do at the playdate?
Avy: We played baby dolls.
Dubs (staring thoughtfully out the window): Hmm. I wonder HOW you play baby dolls.

A conversation with me and Avy as we were walking along one day:

Avy: Look! There’s some yummy candy on the ground!
Me: Well, actually, candy that is on the ground is kind of yucky.
Dubs: Yeah, cuz someone might have stepped on a mouse, and then stepped on the candy!

“Best of” Ludy Kiddo Quotes:


Hudson is acting a little, you know "off course". But don't worry, I can handle it.

I am anonymously sure those crackers won't hurt my tummy.

Let me guess...Harper is Korean.

A discussion about how Mommy and Daddy met:

Avy: “So you were living with Nana and Pops, and you didn’t marry Pops, but you chose a guy named Pastor Eric?”
Me: Yes. But his name wasn’t Pastor Eric back then.
Avy: Well, when did you name him that?


I’m glad I taught Dubber about saving money, because that’s one of the great lessons of life!

In all of recorded history, there has never been a good-tasting medicine.


I’m not sure why flies and bees make the same buzzing noise. Maybe it’s because they are friends!

To her brother Rees (also age 3):

Hey, don't call me "buddy"! I'm a girl, call me ‘sweetheart!’

Rees, you are such a darling!

To her nanny, Miss Susie:

Okay Miss Susie, here’s the deal.

(After being checked on in the playroom): Miss Susie, what are you doing sneaking in on us? (Turns to Rees) Rees, do you get the feeling we are being watched?


Hudson’s shoes are big and huge and giant!